Dr. Wuping Xin

Chief Technology Officer


Dr. Wuping Xin is the CTO of KLD. He earned his Master's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, and Doctoral Degree in Transportation Engineering from New York University. His areas of expertise include adaptive traffic control and its application in Active Traffic Management, big-data management system for real-time control, microscopic driver behavior modelling and simulation, and ITS system integration. He is the Chief Architect of the ACDSS adaptive control system as part of the overall active traffic and congestion management efforts in Manhattan of New York City. The system has been deployed in other States and internationally. His research on collision-inclusive driver behavior has been applied to safety-related microscopic traffic simulations. His current research focuses on connected eco-driving and its interaction with real-life adaptive traffic control systems. Dr. Xin is a P.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an FCC-licensed HAM radio operator.

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