Dr. Roald Wigeland

National Technical Director, Fuel Cycle Options campaign

Idaho National Laboratory

Dr. Wigeland has 35 years of R&D experience in areas related to the use of nuclear power. He is currently with Idaho National Laboratory ((INL), and is the National Technical Director of the Fuel Cycle Options campaign in the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE/NE) Fuel Cycle R&D Program. The campaign performs strategic analyses of current and alternative nuclear power options to inform the DOE/NE R&D decision-making process. Prior to joining INL, he was manager of the Engineering Analysis Department in the Nuclear Engineering Division of Argonne National Laboratory. His areas of research include nuclear fuel cycle analysis, impact of recycle of spent nuclear fuel on high-level waste disposal, fast reactor safety analysis, fast reactor structural reactivity feedbacks, proliferation risk assessment, spent fuel reprocessing, computational fluid dynamics, aqueous reprocessing equipment.