Dr. Peter Hofbauer

Co-Founder and Inventor


Prof. Dr. Peter Hofbauer is co-founder and inventor of the ThermoLift technology. He is an internationally recognized innovator and successful developer of advanced powertrains. Prof. Hofbauer conceived, developed and brought into mass-production the first, and now highly successful, VW TDI Diesel engine. Prof. Hofbauer was Exec. VP and head of R&D for 7 years at Viessman, where he developed and brought to production the MatriX burner, which received the 1995 European Innovative Achievement and Environmental Awards for ultra-low emissions. Previously, Prof. Hofbauer enjoyed a 20-year career at VW, culminating as the Vice President of Powertrain Development. Today, Prof. Hofbauer is developing the extremely efficient and unprecedented lightweight OPOC (opposed piston opposed cylinder) engine and serves as Chairman and CTO of EcoMotors, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Advanced Propulsion Technologies, Inc. (APT), and Vice President for Combat Advanced Propulsion (CAP), LLC.