Dr. Kenneth Edge

Ohio Site OperationS Manager

Assured Information Security, Inc.

Kenneth is the Ohio Site Operations Manager for Assured Information Security, Inc. and is responsible for expanding and developing cyber operations capability in support of defense and commercial industries. He is pursuing this mission with research and development of technologies relevant to deterring deliberate threats and attacks on the information infrastructure. Specific focus areas he is researching include the security of embedded systems, the convergence of the cyber and electromagnetic domains, and the human factors side of cyber. Prior to his current role, he spent twenty years in the Air Force where he was the Chief, Rapid Technology Integration, Spectrum Warfare Division, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. He was responsible for directing over $5.5M of external funding for both classified and unclassified customers to rapidly develop and prototype various technologies for the warfighter in operational environments. He led 150 government employees and contractors in the production of software, hardware, and cyber based protections for critical U.S. technology. Prior to his research role, Kenneth was a senior pilot with over 2800 flight hours in various aircraft.