Dr. Jonathan Raab


Raab Associates

Dr. Jonathan Raab, President, Raab Associates, is a national leader in applying consensus-building processes to energy, environmental, and regulatory issues and authored Using Consensus Building to Improve Utility Regulation. He mediated/facilitated dozens of major stakeholder processes including: RGGI; New England Demand Response Initiative; greenhouse gas plans for Boston, Maine, and Rhode Island (awarded EPA's Climate Protection Award); Cape Wind; Grid Modernization in Massachusetts; energy plan for Tennessee; and market rules in Alberta. He has run stakeholder processes for DOE, Fish and Wildlife, and EPA, and has worked in Germany (transmission) and Japan (nuclear). Dr. Raab has run the New England Electricity Restructuring Roundtable since 1996, and recently launched the Energy Policy Roundtable in the PJM Footprint. Previously, he was the Assistant Director of the Electric Power Division at the Massachusetts DPU. Dr. Raab has a Ph.D. from MIT, an M.S. and A.B. from Stanford, and taught the Energy Policy for a Sustainable Future at MIT from 2006-11.