Dr. Jeremy Firestone


Interdisciplinary Center for Carbon-Free Power Integration, University of Delaware

Jeremy Firestone has a J.D. from University of Michigan and Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from University of North Carolina. He is a Professor in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment and Director of University of Delaware's interdisciplinary Center for Carbon-free Power Integration.  

His research focuses on wind power, with emphasis on social acceptance, economics, spatial planning, environmental effects and governance. He teaches courses on Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Offshore Wind Power, and Ocean/Coastal Law. He has published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Energy Policy, Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Journal of Environmental Management, Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, Endangered Species Research, Biological Conservation, and Land Economics and made presentations in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, UK, China, and Taiwan.

Professor Firestone is lead UD faculty member involved in project development and operation of a jointly owned 2MW wind turbine at UD's coastal campus (with Gamesa).

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