Dr. Gary Halada

Associate Professor

Stony Brook University

Gary P. Halada is an Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering at Stony Brook University. His research focuses on the nature of environment-material interactions, including corrosion and its prevention, remediation of soil and groundwater, synthesis of catalytic nanostructures, and most recently development of novel materials for additive manufacturing. This work has led to more than 100 publications in journals, peer-reviewed proceedings and book chapters, as well as pending patents in new environmentally-benign and inexpensive synthesis of catalytic nanoparticles and functionalized biomaterials. Halada is currently leading development of the Additive Manufacturing Prototyping and Applications Center at SBU, as well as leading a committee on additive manufacturing for the SUNY Network of Excellence in Materials and Advanced Manufacturing and representing SUNY on a committee on additive manufacturing for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. He also helps coordinate efforts of the Long Island Alternative Energy Consortium, a collaborative effort among seven Long Island colleges as well as government and private entities, to develop multi-disciplinary undergraduate and experiential education programs for the rapidly evolving energy sector.