Edward R. Buiel, Ph.D.


G4 Synergetics

Dr. Buiel has 18 years of experience developing lithium-ion batteries, super capacitors, asymmetric lead-carbon supercapacitors, carbon-based materials for various electrochemical applications, and advanced lead acid batteries for a variety of clean technology applications. Dr. Buiel received his Ph. D. in Physics from Dalhousie University where he worked to develop low cost carbon electrode materials for lithium ion batteries. Dr. Buiel has served as the Energy Storage Group Leader for MeadWestvaco and as the Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Axion Power International, Inc. During his time at Axion, he worked to develop advanced lead acid and hybrid lead/carbon supercapacitors for a variety of applications including hybrid vehicles, renewable energy installations, military, truck auxiliary power units, and various other clean technology applications. After leaving Axion, Dr. Buiel started a consulting company called Coulometrics that provides manufacturing and product development R&D services for a variety of advanced energy storage companies. These include systems and BMS development for battery companies, NiMH and LIB electrode production, and advanced materials development such as the development of natural graphite for LIB applications.