Dennis Elsenbeck

Director of Stakeholder and Policy

National Grid

Dennis Elsenbeck is Director of Stakeholder and Policy for National Grid; representing the Company in stakeholder engagement and market based policy alignment. He held positions within the Company in network strategy, energy policy, demand side management and integrated resource planning. Prior to National Grid, Dennis held positions with United Technologies Building Systems and Carrier, encompassing direct digital control energy management systems, system based control strategies and integrated control system design. Dennis has been in the energy industry for over 30 years. Dennis has an Associate's degree in Air Conditioning, a Bachelor in Industrial Engineering Technology, a Master's in Business Administration and a Masters in Engineering. His current areas of interest involve Smart Grid, Network Strategy integration into Smart Growth, Sustainability, Energy Management, Energy Policy and Integrated Resource Planning. Dennis served in the United States Navy as an electrician's mate Petty Officer 2 nd Class aboard the Destroyer Tender USS Sierra AD-18.