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 The undergraduate program invites students into the exciting and ever-expanding discipline of Theatre Arts by providing a wide variety of courses and opportunities for them to enhance their knowledge, stimulate their interests, and spark their creative self-expression.

Integral to the Theatre Arts training and learning process is practice. Productions, which range from contemporary and classic plays, to original and devised works, are mounted in our labs, in our studio theatres, on our main stage, or in site-specific venues. Collaboration is the key element in all of our investigations and creative work. Experimentation and student-initiated projects are encouraged and supported.

is there any additional information you would like students to know about the Theatre Arts major?

Recognizing that 21st century theatre artists need to be conversant in more than one art form, have experience with the latest technology, and possess a strong theoretical / historical foundation from which they can make informed choices , the Theatre Arts Department encourages students to immerse themselves in a large range of courses and collaborative experiences. Majors are required to take courses in acting, theatre technology, play analysis, stage craft, history, art, music, history, and production; they must do an independent project or internship, and take four (4) upper division electives in consultation with the major advisor. The total number of credits for the major is 58.

What skills will students gain that will prepare them for their future endeavors?

Theatre Arts majors are introduced to the practical tools that are necessary to communicate effectively through the theatre, the media, and technology. In addition they investigate the historical/theoretical basis on which these art forms are based; this gives them a strong foundation on which to pursue a theatre-related career, go on to further study, or enter professions such as law, business, teaching, publishing, advertising, communications, computer graphics and public relations.

What Internships or research opportunities are available through the department?

Many of the Theatre Arts faculty members are working professionals, who not only mentor their students, but offer them opportunities to do internships in their companies' projects/productions. They are also available to advise them about (and connect them with) their colleagues in the field. Summer is an ideal time for students to find apprenticeships and/or internships in theatres or festivals all around the country. Academic credit is available for such work.

For more information, please contact

Prof. Deb Mayo
Room 3015, Staller Center
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"It is important to remember that these skills can be developed not only through course work,
but by doing internships, getting involved in campus activities and working part-time."

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