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Majors & Minors F.A.Q.

What if I am undecided about my major?
Start exploring by taking at least one elective course each semester, one that might also fulfill a DEC requirement or SBC objective. You do not need to declare a major until you have earned 45 credits toward your degree, but it is important to find some direction.  Review the Undeclared Student site to obtain more information on selecting the major that best supports your academic nterests.  In addition, the Career Center is a good resource to help explore your major and career options. You may also want to consider taking CAR110, a course designed to help you select a major. You can also schedule an appointment with an advisor in Academic and Transfer Advising Services.  Please click here to view a list of majors and minors offered at Stony Brook University.
How do I declare/change my major or minor?
The student will need to bring a Major/Minor Declaration form to the prospective major department to be signed. The student then returns the form to the Registrar’s office,276, Administration building. This is also the same procedure for changing, adding, dropping a major and minor. Pleaser refer to the academic calendar here for the deadline to add, change or declare a major and/or minor. Major/Minor Declaration forms are available on the Registrar’s website here and in Academic and Transfer Advising Services, E2360, Melvillle Library.  Please be aware that majors within the College of Business and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences require a separate application process. Please click here for more information.
What classes do I need for my major/minor?
Students can view this information in the on-line undergraduate bulletin located here. For information about minors please click here. However, it is recommended that students meet with an advisor in their major/minor department every semester to ensure they are on track with their requirements. The Major/Minor Advisor list is available on our Forms page, here.
What is the difference between a double major and a double degree?
A double major is when a student officially declares and completes two different majors. The student receives one baccalaureate degree upon graduation. The University does not officially recognize triple majors. Please visit the on-line undergraduate Bulletin for additional information. Click here.

A double degree is when a student completes two different majors or programs from two different colleges where one of the majors leads to a degree that is specified as professional or clinical (externally certified) and the total number of credits completed for the two degrees is at least 144. e.g., Psychology (From the School of Arts and Sciences) and Mechanical Engineering (From the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences). Please visit the on-line undergraduate Bulletin for additional information. Click here.
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