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Course Registration F.A.Q.

Where can I search for classes when making a schedule?
On the class search page on SOLAR, you can search for classes by subject, class requirement (DEC) class attribute (SBC) along with a variety of other categories to help narrow your search (i.e class meeting or instructor information).  You can also use Schedule Builder (accessible on SOLAR) or SBU Class Find.  See Schedule Builder or SOLAR Search/SBU Class /Find video tutorials for more information.
How and when will I register for my classes?
You can register for classes beginning on the date prescribed by your Enrollment Appointment.  Your enrollment appointment is the first available time that you are able to register for courses on SOLAR.  Your Enrollment Appointment will be viewable on SOLAR under "Student Records & Registration" about a week prior to registration; late October for the Winter and Spring terms and late March for the Summer and Fall terms. See the How to Find Your Enrollment Appointment Time video tutorial for more information.

It is recommended that students plan out their course schedule well ahead of their Enrollment Appointment to ensure a swift and smooth registration experience.
How many classes can I take?
Full-time students usually enroll in four or five classes (an average of 12-16 credits). Full-time students must maintain a minimum of 12 credits, and part-time can take up to a maximum of 11. Students can register for a maximum of 17 credits until the Friday prior to the start of the semester when the credit limit will be raised to 19 credits.  See the Academic Calendar for the exact date.
Can I take more than 19 credits a semester?

Taking more than 19 credits per semester or more than 9 credits in one summer session is referred to as an academic overload. The criteria for an overload is based on the following: 

Cumulative GPA 3.0 or Higher
You are automatically eligible to register for up to 23 credits if you meet the following criteria. *No petition is needed:
a. have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
b. have no incomplete or Q grades on your academic transcript.
c. have completed at least one semester at Stony Brook. 

Cumulative GPA 2.50—2.99
You are eligible to petition for an overload for up to 23 credits, if you meet the following criteria:
a. have a cumulative GAP between 2.50 and 2.99.
b. have no incomplete or Q grades on your academic transcript.
c. have completed at least one semester at Stony Brook. 

Cumulative GPA Less Than 2.5
You are not eligible for an overload.

*If your cumulative GPA is within the eligibility limits to petition for an overload, please see an academic advisor to secure a petition and discuss the process.

What are the G/P/NC and Withdrawal options?
These are grading options that are alternatives to the standard grading format (A,B,C,D, F).  Special restrictions apply, see "Top 10 Things to Know," below. These options can be accessed in your SOLAR account. Under "Class Schedule" select "Edit" and then select the course you wish to change. REMEMBER, these classes cannot be changed back after the G/P/NC and Withdrawal deadline.  For more information can be found on the GPNC Page.

A mark of W is recorded when the student withdraws from a course after the first ten days of classes through the 9th week of the semester. The W is used to indicate that the student withdrew after the end of the add/drop period. 

Additional information regarding the G/P/NC and Withdrawal options can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin in the section titled Grading and the Grading System.

Please speak to an Academic Advisor if you are considering any of these options.
Can I use the G/P/NC grade option for my major courses?
Yes, however grades of "P" generally do not satisfy major requirements. Please consult your major advisor for specifics in this matter.
How do I sign up for an Internship?
Students can find information about internships at the Career Center. Students can also consult with their major advisor for major-specific internships.
What is the Course Re-take policy?
Information regarding repeating/retaking a course can be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin the section titled Multiple Registrations for the Same Course.
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