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Faculty and Staff Giving



As a higher education professional, I believe wholeheartedly in the mission of public education and am privileged to be able to support Stony Brook University in providing an accessible world class education. I hope  that my contributions can help to afford students with the same opportunity for academic, personal, and professional growth that I was given by so many before me.
—Sean Hoffman ’12, ’14, institutional research analyst


Because I want to live in a way that builds a legacy of caring, I realized that my reputation is determined by others, and they base it on what I do and what I do not. My intentions don’t count. I want you to know that I do not give because I have lots of money. In fact, I do not. Without any shame, I love the way the receivers of my giving make me feel.”
—Frances Brisbane, PhD, vice president of Health Sciences Workforce Diversity

testimonial “We can only get so much support from the state and government in tuition dollars. It takes giving from a whole community to add to the quality of life at Stony Brook that all students, faculty and staff happily experience.”
—Patricia Aceves, assistant provost for academic assessment and technology-enhanced pedagogy
testimonial “One’s inability to pay for college should not be a hindrance for them to go. This is one small way for me to help people pay for school.”
—Adrienne Unger, program coordinator of the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook
testimonial “A public university like Stony Brook is the ideal institution to provide research and educational opportunities that enlarge the talent pool in our society. I would like to see all young people have the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence they need to make it in the world, and to open their eyes to what they can achieve.” 
— R. David Bynum, PhD, John S. Toll professor 
"As both an alum and a staff member, I give back to support programs and people that have helped shape the many facets of my life. I am proud to support an institution and community that has given so much to me."
—Jeffrey Barnett, interim associate dean of students, Office of Student Affairs
“It’s getting harder and harder to afford an education and to get funding for research in the sciences. We wanted to provide the same opportunity we had to other young people, so we established the Pikitch Family Endowed Student Research Award here at Stony Brook because it is a great public institution for both education and research.”
—Ellen Pikitch, PhD, professor and executive director, Institute for Ocean Conservation Science, SoMAS
testimonial "As an alumnus of the University and an employee of EOP, I know how important it is to support the program that has proven to be such a rich resource for so many leaders in education, law, politics, medicine, and other professions."
—Jarvis Watson, senior counselor/academic advisor, Educational Opportunity Program - Advancement on Individual Merit
testimonial "I give to the Campaign because it allows me to support a variety of people right where I work, including students, athletes, scientists, researchers, scholars, patients and their doctors, and even veterans."
—Fred S. Sganga, executive director, Long Island State Veterans Home
testimonial "Back in the 1970s when I was a college student, New York State provided financial support for almost every student that attended Stony Brook University. Many students of my era were able to pay their own way for a Stony Brook education with summer and part-time jobs without taking any student loans. Unfortunately, students today can't count on government support for their educational expenses. So let's all help some of the greatest minds in college achieve their dreams by making a donation to Stony Brook University!"
—Thomas M. Cassidy, clinical associate professor, School of Social Welfare