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Social & Behavioral Sciences


The Social and Behavioral Sciences building is located between Humanities and Life Sciences, at the bottom of the hill next to the Administration’s parking garage. Boasting seven floors, SBS is home to a wide variety of academics ranging from the Political Science department to Economics.

The rooms and offices are split up into the north and south wings. In the middle of these wings is a bank of four elevators, and on the opposite side of the wall containing the elevators is the study space.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday
10:00AM-10:00PM Closed


  • First Floor
    lobby of sbs

    Description: Found immediately upon entering SBS, the First Floor Lobby has entrance access from both its east and west side. Large walls of windows provide natural lighting and an open feel to what would otherwise be a plain brick space.

    About This Space: This is an informal study space and, as such, does not have tables or desks available for use. With its close proximity to Humanities, Javits Lecture Center and the Student Activities Center this makes for a great central location to sit and take a few notes. Likewise, because it is set back a bit from the main flow of foot traffic, it is not many people’s first choice and so is rarely overrun by hordes of students. The openness and couches give this space an atmosphere that is most conducive to group studying, with the ability to seat up to eight people around a single location.

    Noise Level: Being the main level entrance and exit for this building, the First Floor study area has a bit more noise than the remaining study areas. Even so, this space never really rises above a medium level of noise.

  • Floors Two through Seven
    floors two

    Description: These study locations can be found on the opposite side of the walls that house the elevators. With the west wall being entirely made of floor to ceiling windows, these spaces are very well lit and have a very open feel to them. As you go up higher and higher, the view gets better and better.

    About This Space: Each of these spaces really is "a diamond in the rough". The layout is exactly the same on each of the six floors. The space is divided in half, with tables on one side and couches or single seating on the opposite.

    The couches and single seating areas are closest to the windows and normally surround a low table. These sections of the space can hold anywhere from four to six people, depending upon the individual configuration.

    The other half of this study space is made of long tables with fixed seating. Outlets can be found near these tables and, depending on the floor, there are enough seats to accommodate six to eight people at a time.  There are three of these kinds of tables found on each floor.

    Although the seating would accommodate large study groups, this space is ideal for groups of four people or less, to keep the noise level to a minimum.

    Noise Level:  Quiet