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Student Activities Center (SAC)



At the center of Stony Brook University, the SAC is found directly across from the Melville Library right on the Academic Mall. In close proximity to the Administration building, the library, as well as the buses, the SAC is easy to locate . Another unique feature that makes this building easily recognizable is its half-moon wall made entirely of floor to ceiling windows that encases the eating area. The SAC is not only home to Campus Dining, but to the Office of the Dean of Students and USG to name a few.

  Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday
7:30AM-Midnight 7:30AM-Midnight


Study Spaces in this building: 


  • Commuter Commons

    Description: The Commuter Commons can be found on the first floor and basement level. If you’re coming in from the Academic Mall, walk up the small set of stairs in the Lobby and past the Seawolves Marketplace. The Commuter Commons is on the right hand side, just after the bathrooms and the elevator. If you’ve hit the dining area, you’ve gone too far.

    About This Space: This bi-level lounge has studying space upstairs and a more active TV and billiards area downstairs. With quite a few couches and a few single study corrals, the upstairs space is truly a great place to get some work done between classes. For the most part, people here are looking for some down time so it’s best not to come here and study with too many people. Individual and small group studying would best be supported here.  

    Noise Level: Quiet to loud level of noise. With an open stairwell to the downstairs lounge, sometimes the ruckus from the downstairs TV or billiards game can radiate upstairs.  It's quietest during the morning hours.

  • SAC Lobby
    sac atrium

    Description:  The SAC Lobby is the heart of the Student Activities Center. Whether coming in from the Academic Mall or from the bus loop, the SAC Lobby is going to be the first space that you encounter. If coming in from the rear entrance (closer to the Javits Lecture Center and DSS Building), walk past the ballrooms on your left hand side and through the double glass doors at the end of the hall. You’ll pass by the ticket office and, once you’ve hit the Information Desk, you’ve entered the Lobby.

    About This Space:  The floor-to-ceiling glass walls encasing the Lobby allow in a beautiful amount of natural lighting and, if you’re there long enough, a spectacular light show at sundown. Take a seat at one of the many benches lining the walls or even take a seat at one of the bistro-like tables out on the floor. Capable of seating up to five people, depending on how many chairs are available, the Lobby affords a great space for doing some group work over a plate of dinner. Outlets here are hard to come by, so it’s best if the work being done is with good, old-fashioned pen and paper.

  • Why Lobby
    why lobby

    Description:  Though many people have passed through here, not many would think it was considered a separate lobby entirely. Most would probably believe this space to be just an extension of the SAC Lobby, but this is actually a separate space. When coming in from the Academic Mall, head toward the ballrooms and stop once you reach the giant multicolored question mark. Welcome to the Why Lobby.

    About This Space:  This is a very informal space. Much like the SAC Lobby, it is difficult to find an outlet and is best for non-technology dependent work. Because it is off of the main traffic area, it tends to be a bit more removed from the noise that tends to permeate the SAC Lobby. If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, through the glass double doors are benches that place you in an even more remote area, the SAC Sculpture Garden.

    Noise Level:  Depending on the number of people here at any given time, the noise ranges from medium to loud.