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Psychology A


psych building

Both of the Psychology buildings are linked together, so if you access the wrong one, do not worry. Simply ask for directions or take a look at the map in the lobby of each building. The key to finding Psychology Building A on the first try, however, is remembering that Psychology A is the building facing the Academic Mall. A=Academic Mall.

Both Psychology A & B serve in conjunction with one another and house not only the Psychology Department but some of the department's studies as well as the Krasner Psychological Center.

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday Saturday & Sunday
8:30Am - 5:00PM Closed



Common Study Area:

psych study

Description: The Common Study Area is on the second floor of the building. In order to access it when entering the building from the Academic Mall, take the first door on your right. These stairs lead you right up to the second floor and let you out right at the Common Study Area.

About This Space: This space is equipped with numerous couches, chairs and long tables. The tables can seat up to eight people, provided you can find that many chairs to seat them all. The couches are situated against the wall of windows, granting whoever chooses to sit there a scenic overlook of the Academic Mall. This is actually a rather large space and, as such, is good for group study, so long as the group is not loud. Many offices (both faculty as well as offices for ongoing studies) can be found on the second floor and make this a location that is hard to match in terms of silence.

Noise Level: This is a quiet space.


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