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Melville Library



Found in the heart of Main Campus, the Melville Library is Stony Brook’s main library. Housing thousand of journals, serials, and books, the Melville Library is located across the academic mall from the Student Activities Center and in between the Staller Center and Frey Hall. The Main Library is also home to many of the academic centers, including Academic and Transfer Advising Services, Pre-Professional Advising, and Undergraduate Colleges.

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  • Central Reading Room

    Description: The Central Reading Room is located on the first floor in the middle of the library. The entrance can be found right near the base of the main staircase.

    About This Space: The Central Reading Room is a large, versatile space with a mix of reading chairs, single study desks, and large group study tables. There are also computers available for use. The majority of the space is best for either single or small (2-3 people) group studying. The larger tables, however, can seat up to eight people. Also available for student use is a copy machine, which uses money from Wolfie Wallet. There is a designated quiet study area that can be found to the left of the entrance.

    Noise Level: Because it is a reading room in the library, it tends to be a fairly quiet study space.

    Hours of Operation:  CLICK HERE

  • North Reading Room
    North Reading Room

    Description:  The newly renovated North Reading Room is located at the back of the library, past the CRR and the main staircase. It is very easy to find. Enter the library through the main entrance and continue to walk straight. It is hard to miss.

    About This Space: Level one of North Reading Room (NRR) showcases a flexible learning space and includes multiple group-study rooms that feature collaborative technologies. Level one of NRR is technology-enabled with both desktop computers and plenty of electrical outlets so students can work on and charge personal devices. The second floor of NRR features more independent study areas. Both floors optimize natural light and acoustical technologies best suited for academic libraries. 

    Noise Level:  Varies - There are designated areas for group work and quiet working areas. Each space is marked with a sign informing students of the noise level. 

    Hours of Operation:   CLICK HERE

  • Commuter Study Center

    Description:  If you have ever walked down the Academic Mall, chances are you have spotted the Commuter Study Center through the front windows of the Melville Library. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can access it one of two ways. The first is the entrance at the front of the library, to the left of the main entrance. The second is the first door on the left after passing through the main entrance.

    About This Space:  If you’re looking for a more social climate to do your studying, this is the spot. With a blend of booths, tables, and couches, you have your pick of study style. Be aware that the booths are quite popular and fill up quickly. The tables are all laid out in one long row, so it’s conceivable to have a very large group study here.

    Noise Level:  Depending upon the number of people here at any given time, the noise ranges from medium to loud. 

    Hours of Operation:  CLICK HERE

  • Music Library
    music library

    Description:  The Music Library is found on the first floor of the Melville Library in the West Wing. To get there, take a left down the hallway outside of the North Reading Room. It will lead straight to the Music Library’s entrance.

    About This Space:  Because it is a library for music, there are individual study desks equipped for listening to the music files found within the library. If you’re looking for traditional study space, there are also chairs and tables available. The individual study corrals and large tables are capable of seating 8-10 people and are separated by a wall and a few stacks of music.

    Noise Level:  Because this is a music specific library, it is a quiet place to study.

    Hours of Operation:  CLICK HERE 

  • Main Stacks
    Main stacks

    Description:  The entrance for the Main Stacks can be found at the top of the main staircase in the Melville Library. It is on the third floor landing to the right when going upstairs. Keep your eyes open because though this space spans three floors, the entrance is not as large as CRR or NRR. The main stacks can only be accessed via this third floor entrance.

    About This Space:  The Main Stacks spans three floors, from the second to the fourth. Inside the Main Stacks you will find a variety of areas that can be used for studying. If you’re looking for space for a group, the third floor is your best bet as it has tables that can seat 6-8 people. These tables can be found by turning right after you go through the third floor entrance. If you’re looking for a quiet place for individual study, it can be found within the actual stacks on all three floors. The easiest way to enter the stacks is on the third floor. After entering this library through its main entrance, turn left. Once you go all the way down, you’ll see both a sign and the entrance for the stacks on your right. There are individual study corrals set up on all three floors and they are designated quiet study areas.

    Noise Level:  Quiet

    Hours of Operation:  CLICK HERE 

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