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Located next to the Administration building, the Humanities building is home to the English department, the European Languages, Literatures and Cultures department, as well as the Cultural Analysis and Theory department. It also houses the Writing Center on the 2nd floor. With four study spots to choose from, and Wifi available throughout the building , Humanities makes for a versatile location.

 Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday Saturday & Sunday
8:00AM-10:00PM Closed


  Study Spaces in this building:


  • Main Lobby
    main lobby of humanities

    Description: Found as soon as you walk through the main entrance to the Humanities building (from the Academic Mall), the Main Lobby is nestled under a large, beautiful skylight that provides ample lighting during the day.

    About This Space: Located directly outside the two lecture halls in the Humanities building, the Main Lobby has only bench style seating. While there are no outlets close to the benches, there are outlets that can be found along the walls.

    Noise Level: Fluctuates between classes, with peak noise levels during class changes. Medium to Loud.

  • 1st Floor Study Room
    1st Floor Study area

    Description: The 1st floor study room is located behind the first set of doors on the right hand side of the Main Lobby when entering the Humanities building from the Academic Mall. With large windows overlooking the Mall, this space gets tons of natural lighting.

    About This Space: Here you’ll find approximately 4 round tables with a mix of single style seating and couch seating. Each table can seat about five people. In addition to multiple outlets available, there is a whiteboard that can be utilized for your study needs. 

    Noise Level: Because it is right off of the Main Lobby, there can be a few disturbances as people come and go, but for the most part this is a quiet location to study.

  • Upstairs Tables
    Upstairs Area

    Description: The upstairs tables can be found across from the 2nd floor landing of the staircase located in the Main Lobby. This space is also conveniently located right outside of the Writing Center.

    About This Space:  Here you’ll find approximately 3 round tables. Each table has enough seating for three people. Upstairs you will also find couches along the wall if you’re just looking for a place to sit and read. There are multiple outlets available for use as well as vending machines that dispense both food and drink.

    Noise Level:   This is a fairly quiet location to study.

  • Atrium
    Humanities Atrium

    Description: The atrium, with its Greenhouse-style ceiling, allows natural lighting throughout the day, supplemented by overhead lights above the tables. Large pots hold beautifully mature plants with large, lush fronds, acting as partitions between tables on the east side of room and lending that side a bit more privacy. This location is perfect for a study session between classes or studying with friends and classmates.

    About This Space: Here you’ll find approximately 10 round tables. Each table can seat four people, but can accommodate five if you’re looking for a space for a larger group. There are multiple outlets available for use.

    Noise Level: Being a large space that consists of almost all hard surfaces, there is not much sound absorption. Because of this, it may seem louder than other locations. However, it is normally quiet, with the noise level fluctuating depending on number of groups that are studying.



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