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Skill-Based Peer Tutor Application Information

Position Description: Skill-based peer tutors help their peers develop and enhance their academic success strategies in areas such as time management, studying, goal setting, and using campus resources. They do not tutor specific courses, but instead tutor students on academic success strategies and behaviors that can be used in any class. 


Students interested in applying to be a skill-based tutor must:

    • Be an undergraduate student who has been at SBU for at least 2 semesters (You  can apply while still in your second semester at Stony Brook)
    • Be willing to commit to a 1 semester internship (Most students are offered the option to continue in the position into future semesters for pay)
    • Be able to register for a 2-credit EXT 288/488 internship OR be willing to volunteer (EXT 488 can fulfill the EXP+ requirement)
    • Be able to    dedicate 8 hours per week to this position 
      • 1.5 hours for weekly synchronous training, 1.5 hours for asynchronous training, 5 tutoring hours based on your personal availability 
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
    • Be able to demonstrate and discuss effective strategies related to time management, studying, goal setting, test-taking, and using campus resources, etc.
    • Be in good academic and judicial standing at Stony Brook University
    • Possess a positive attitude and passion for helping others
    • Be willing to work both individually and as a part of a diverse team

What You'll Learn as a Skill-Based Tutor:

Students who participate in this internship opportunity will be able to:

  • Work one-on-one with students to identify barriers to academic success
  • Assess students' current practices and make suggestions for improvement
  • Provide personalized support to peers who are seeking assistance
  • Utilize and interpret various assessment tools
  • Demonstrate effective academic success strategies
  • Recognize and imitate proper workplace etiquette

Applications for fall 2022 positions will be available on our HIRING webpage in mid-March.