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SafeAssign: Plagiarism Prevention

There is a Plagiarism Prevention Program that is available on campus and it is accessed through Blackboard. It is available on the "Info for Instructor" link on Blackboard and Under the "How to Use Blackboard- Plagiarism Prevention Tool - "Safe Assign":

SafeAssign - Plagiarism Prevention
Blackboard has its own plagiarism prevention tool, called Safe Assign. Safe Assign is available within your Blackboard course.

Instructors can attach an announcement to a Safe Assign assignment, to remind students of the due date 
Students’ intellectual property is preserved since their papers do not become part of a permanent, global database unless they opt into that database. Thus student work is not contributing to the equity of a private company, without their permission.

Safe Assign checks student papers against:
papers publicly available on the Internet, the ProQuest database of 2.6 million publications dating from the 1990’s, and all papers submitted by Stony Brook instructors.

Safe Assign assignments are created using the same process used to create assignment manager and Turnitin assignments. They are automatically entered in the gradebook, and student papers can be brought into your word processor so that you can embed your feedback into the paper and return it to the student for revision.

Tip sheets & a "how-to" video are available at:

On line help can be found on-line at:

Questions regarding Safe Assign?


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