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Past Conferences

We are proud to have hosted a wide variety of events for our clients. Our planning is tailored to your needs and the impression you hope to make on your guests.

Here are just a few of the events we have planned and hosted:

2016 LSRL Linguistics Symposium in Romance Language

2016 ASAL - Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics

2016 The Ice Cube Particle Astrophysics Symposium

2016 Viruses Forever Conference

2016 How Class Works

2016 International Surface and Neutron X-ray Scattering

2015 Dante & Worlds Day 

2015 ICESS-15 International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy and Structure

2015 8th International Conference on Stickleback Behavior and Evolution

2015 Converging Science Summit

2015 Energy Recovery LINAC (ERL)

2015 Science Fiction Research Association

2015 Advances in Functional Materials

2014 Long Island Community & Economic Development Conference

2014 Annual Meeting Business Incubator Association of NYS

2014 Women & Physics Conference

2013 Asian Americans for Equality Summer College Retreat

2013 Long Island Junior Science & Humanities Symposium

For more recent examples, have a look at our current conferences.




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