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From answering simple questions to handling more complex issues, we are here to support you as an OU Campus user!  Choose from the options below:



Web Accessibility is an important part of creating and maintaining a website. Adhering to standards is a vital requirement for every university website. Learn more about our accessibility guidelines.



What is XML? Or HTML, for that matter? And what do you mean by source code? Our glossary of helpful terms can answer those questions.


Self-Help Guide

We have an abundance of help documents and tutorials available in our Self-Help Guide, covering everything from what's new in Version 10 to logging in, editing and creating pages, inserting and editing images, and much more.


Help Ticket

If you need help with a particular aspect of the CMS or have a problem you can't solve, please submit a help ticket and someone from our office will get back to you as soon as possible.



Additional Resources

You can find even more in-depth help at the OU Campus Version 10 Support site. Tutorials are available for a number of different topics.

The V10 Support site also includes these downloadable resources (all files are PDFs):

End User Guide (short version)

End User Guide (longer, complete version)

For a complete listing of available PDF guides, visit the V10 Booklets page.

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