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Use of Parking Permits - What to Know

THE FINE PRINT: Users of a University-issued Parking Permit acknowledge responsibility to operate and park a vehicle on Campus in accordance with Stony Brook University's Parking Rules and Regulations. At all times, the University retains ownership of any issued Parking Permit, and ownership is NOT transferable. Parking Permits not in use must be returned to the University.

RENEWING YOUR PERMIT: Parking Permits are not renewed automatically. You must renew online using the Stony Brook Parking Permit System.

HOW TO DISPLAY YOUR PERMIT: When parking on campus, users must display the Permit by hanging it from the rearview mirror support, facing outwards. The Parking Permit is not to be defaced or altered in any manner.

MULTIPLE VEHICLES: A Parking Permit owner may use their hang tag for multiple vehicles as long as the vehicle parked on campus is being used by the Permit owner, and all vehicles that may be used are added within the Parking Permit System. Please display the Permit on any vehicle, from the rearview mirror as noted above. 

IF YOU LOSE YOUR PEMIT: Report lost or stolen Permits immediately. There is a small replacement fee for lost, stolen, or discarded Permits. Resale or unauthorized use of your issued Parking Permit is prohibited. Possession or use of a lost or stolen Permit may result in criminal prosecution.


Special Service permits are intended for personal vehicles that carry occupants who need access to buildings to accomplish building related tasks such as service vehicles (maintenance, construction, telecom, food service and building managers), emergency response vehicles (Fire Marshals, Police, and Emergency Repair), and employees who need access to multiple loading docks daily for stays longer than 15 minutes.


There are two types of Special Services permits.
SHORT TERM: You meet the criteria above and require a permit for 30 days or less.
Contact the
Parking Services office to obtain this temporary permit.
You meet the criteria above and require a permit for more than 30 days.
Please fill out the Special Service Permit Application linked below.


Special Service Permit holders are authorized to park only in specifically marked parking spaces, summarized below:

Location (Outside of Loading Zone) Approximate Number of Spaces

Administration Building


Earth and Space Sciences Building


Computer Science Building Loading Zone


Across from Student Activities Center


Ward Melville Social and Behavioral Sciences Building


Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library


Old Chemistry Road / Chemistry Building


Heavy Engineering Building


Stony Brook Union


Fine Arts Building / Staller Center for the Arts


Charles B. Wang Center


Medical Facility


Life Sciences / Center for Molecular Medicine Buildings


Life Sciences / Centers for Molecular Medicine Buildings (Unpaved Lot)