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Update: Commuter Premium Parking Permit waitlist will open July 1 for returning Students and on July 15th for new Students.
Commuter Standard Parking Permit registration will open August 8th. 




All students, not living in campus housing, are defined as Commuter Students. Beginning Fall of 2022, Commuter Students are eligible for 2 types of permits, a Commuter Standard Permit, and a Commuter Premium Permit.

fter hearing your feedback regarding the elimination of the Commuter Premium Permit parking option last year, we are excited to announce that this parking Permit is back by popular demand (and we’re expanding the number of spaces available)! This paid parking option will help Commuter Students spend less time driving around looking for a spot by designating certain lots for these Permit holders. It will also help control the number of students searching for parking, ultimately alleviating traffic flow/pedestrian safety concerns.

Commuter Students can also continue to park in Lot 40 (formerly known as South P) free of charge this academic year with a Commuter Standard Permit. Additional information on both Permits is below. 


: Free

VALID DATES: August 15, 2022 – August 15, 2023


REGISTRATION: Online registration will begin on August 8, 2022. In order to register, you will need:
1. Stony Brook ID #
2. Date of birth
3. Vehicle information: make, model, color and license plate information (if registering in-person, please also bring your vehicle registration)

GETTING YOUR PERMIT (HANG TAG): You may choose to pick up your hang tag at the Parking Services Counter or have it mailed to your home address. We recommend registering no later than August 20, 2022 in order to receive your hang tag in time for the start of the Fall Semester. 

DISPLAYING YOUR HANG TAG: Place your hang tag on your rearview mirror, facing outward, whenever you park on campus. 

PARKING AND GETTING TO CAMPUS: The Commuter Standard Permit allows you to park in Lot 40 on Campus. From this lot, you can walk to campus via a pedestrian walkway, ride your bike, use our SBU Transit System, or use the Wolf Ride Bike Share program


: $112.50/Semester

VALID DATES: Sold on a semester-by-semester basis
Fall: August 15 - December 31
Spring: January 1 - May 20
Summer: May 21 - August 15

WHERE TO PARK: Lots 2, 3, 5, and 6 in designated spaces

REQUESTING A PERMIT: Students may add their name to an online waitlist for the Commuter Premium Permit based on the dates below. Names are added to the waitlist in the order they are received. 

Returning Students Only: July 1 at 9:00am - July 14
All Students: July 15 - Ongoing

Please email with any questions.  

PURCHASING A PERMIT: Beginning on August 1, we will email students in order, based on the waitlist noted above. Once you receive an email that you are eligible to purchase a Commuter Premium Permit, we encourage you to do so immediately, as there will be a deadline. If your permit is not purchased by the deadline, we will move to the next person on the list, and you will have to rejoin the waitlist at the bottom. This process will continue until all Commuter Premium Permits are sold.  In order to purchase the Commuter Premium Permit, you will need:
1. Stony Brook ID #
2. Date of birth
3. Vehicle information: make, model, color and license plate information

Once you have purchased the Commuter Premium Permit, the charge will be added to your student bill. 

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON'T GET A COMMUTER PREMIUM PERMIT: You will need to register for a Commuter Standard Permit. Your name will remain on the waitlist for the Spring Semester. 

Parking personnel will monitor lot usage during the first few weeks of the Fall semester, and we may release more permits for sale based on usage patterns. If you are contacted to purchase a Commuter Premium Permit, you will need to visit the Parking Services counter, on the 2nd floor of the Stony Brook Union, to exchange your hang tag and purchase your Permit. 

SPRING 2023: Students with a Fall Semester Commuter Premium Permit will have the opportunity to go online to renew their permit from December 1 - December 8. Students who renew will receive a new Spring Semester hang tag. Students who fail to renew are able to add their name to the waitlist again. Beginning on December 9th, we will release any remaining Premium Permits for the Spring Semester in the same manner as the Fall Semester. 

DISPLAYING YOUR HANG TAG: Place your hang tag on your rearview mirror, facing outward, whenever you park on campus. 

Use of Parking Permits - What to Know

THE FINE PRINT: Users of a University-issued Parking Permit acknowledge responsibility to operate and park a vehicle on Campus in accordance with Stony Brook University's Parking Rules and Regulations. At all times, the University retains ownership of any issued Parking Permit, and ownership is NOT transferable. Parking Permits not in use must be returned to the University.

RENEWING YOUR PERMIT: Parking Permits are not renewed automatically. You must renew online using the Stony Brook Parking Permit System.

HOW TO DISPLAY YOUR PERMIT: When parking on campus, users must display the Permit by hanging it from the rearview mirror support, facing outwards. The Parking Permit is not to be defaced or altered in any manner.

MULTIPLE VEHICLES: A Parking Permit owner may use their hang tag for multiple vehicles as long as the vehicle parked on campus is being used by the Permit owner, and all vehicles that may be used are added within the Parking Permit System. Please display the Permit on any vehicle, from the rearview mirror as noted above. 

IF YOU LOSE YOUR PEMIT: Report lost or stolen Permits immediately. There is a small replacement fee for lost, stolen, or discarded Permits. Resale or unauthorized use of your issued Parking Permit is prohibited. Possession or use of a lost or stolen Permit may result in criminal prosecution.