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Faculty Profiles

Stony Brook's highly regarded Department of Political Science offers M.A. program students a world class instructional faculty. These faculty members include internationally recognized scholars in the fields of political psychology, public opinion, and political behavior who have all published extensively on these topics. M.A. program faculty members include:

  • Professors Stanley Feldman and Leonie Huddy who were co-editors of the international journal Political Psychology. Professors Huddy and Feldman were also recent presidents of the International Society of Political Psychology. Professor Huddy's research focuses on intergroup relations, prejudice, and emotions. Professor Feldman has published on the role of values and personality in politics, prejudice and intolerance, and emotion.
  • Professor Gallya Lahav is an expert on immigration attitudes and policies, especially in Western Europe.
  • Professor Peter DeScioli's research focuses on the role of morality and cooperation in politics.
  • Professor Yanna Krupnikov has published extensively on partisanship, prejudice, negative advertising, and voting.
  • Professor Andrew Delton uses principles of evolutionary psychology to study cooperation and generosity in humans.