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Startup Companies

Here is an opportunity to learn more about the Companies participating in the Stony Brook University Food Business Incubator Program.

Click here to find out which local farmers markets the Startup Companies participate in.  Stop by and say hello!

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Alpha Honey Health

We hand select our honey from the oldest and most pristine ecosystems from around the world to offer you a robust and rich flavor packed with endless health and nutritional benefits.

(631) 861-4299 


Angie's Baked Goods

Angie's Baked Goods is a wholesale/retail bakery providing specialty pumpkin cake rolls with cream cheese filling seasonally and assorted pound cakes. Also provide fundraising for your fundraising needs.

Angela Carron
(631) 875-2656 




Batter & Bubbles

Batter and Bubbles is a catering company based on the East End of Long Island.  We specialize in gourmet Liege-style waffles and handcrafted bellinis.

Kim Constantino
(631) 512-1944




Carlos Bakery

We are a small business that is ready to help you on your next Event or Party with ,  Cookies and Pastries and Cakes for any occasion.

Carlos Chavez
(631) 381-32482 




Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake

Clarkson Ave. Crumb Cake Co. is a family business owned and operated by the mother and son team of Susan and James Walsh. Susan grew up on Clarkson Avenue in Brooklyn, NY in the 1950’s and 60’s. Like in many parts of New York, the people in Susan’s neighborhood took great pride in the food they created. This experience would forever shape Susan’s culinary philosophy - that great food is the result of high-quality ingredients prepared with love.  

Susan Walsh
(833) 332-7862




Dave's Oysters

Want to know more about Dave's Oysters?    Stay tuned company details about Dave's Oysters are on the way, check back soon!

David Basile
(917) 647-9778


Divine Brine

Divine Brine is committed to creating the finest all natural pickles, Italian specialties and chutneys. As often as possible, we purchase our produce from local growers. There are no artificial preservatives, colorings or flavors in our products.

Robert Schaefer
(631) 742-6091




Doug's Lemonade


Certified Organic  |  3 Ingredients  |  Handmade  |  Small Batch  |  No Preservatives  |  Vegan  |  Gluten Free  |  Non-GMO  |  All Natural         The simplest and healthiest certified organic lemonade available today.

Douglas Toledo
(631) 871-0606




Farmers Kitchen

All of our products are sourced locally whenever possible from our farm and surrounding farms. We preserve the harvest in a jar with no preservatives or additives, and are individually hand poured. 

Emilie Zaweski
(631) 987-2999




Hamptons Brine

Hamptons Brine produces raw fermented Certified Organic Sauerkraut and Kvass (sauerkraut juice.

At Hamptons Brine, we believe that eating foods rich in probiotics plays a crucial role in staying healthy. 

Our process ensures you are purchasing the most nutritionally dense and biologically active organic sauerkraut on the market. Our products are all natural and organic foods.

We make sure to use only the finest organic food ingredients.

Nadia Ernestus
(631) 379-7714



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Harbor Lights Oyster Co.

  As residents and natives of the north fork, we remember the once thriving world renowned oyster industry of our youth. We believed our knowledge and work with the aquaculture training program located at the Cornell Marine Science Center in Southold NY would help us revive the industry from its hunter gatherer days to today’s techniques of sustainable farming of high quality fresh oysters.

After ​years of preparation, and the utilization of state of the art equipment we are proud to present our premiere harvest of "Diamond Jim" brand oysters.

Ted Bucci, Jason Masters & Jermaine Owens
(631) 7 40-0985


Healthy Homestead Hostess

As a Health Coach, my mission is to help others live a healthier life. My grain-free granola is packed with nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, coconut flakes and sweetened with organic maple syrup and raisins.

Jessica Milazzo
(631) 827-9747




Healthy Snax Corp

Want to know more about Healthy Snax Corp?    Stay tuned company details about Healthy Snax Corp are on the way, check back soon!

Harriet Trastelis




Jack's Family Co.

Want to know more about Jack's Family Co.?   Stay tuned company details about Jack's Family Co. are on the way, check back soon!

Katie Pisciotta
(631) 455-2032



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Juice Box Long Island

Meet Nikki and Nina, two ambitious entrepreneurs from the heart of Long Island, New York.  Our juices help balance and regulate the digestive system while giving us the energy we need from all-natural fruits and vegetables. Our juices help fight toxins, boost immunity and improve overall health.

Nicole Scaffedi & Christina Cantasano
(631) 372-5359



La Coppia

Want to know more about La Coppia?    Stay tuned company details about La Coppia are on the way, check back soon!

Gina Hayden & Dominick Miranda
(516) 647-8189





Le Fusion

Specializes in Artisan Spring Rolls and Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls.  Our products combine the best of both worlds, East and West.

No MSG  |  Gluten Free and Vegan Options

Tiana Le
(877) 798-5069





Long Island's Famous Foods, Inc.

Want to know more about Long Island's Famous Foods, Inc.?    Stay tuned company details about Long Island's Famous Foods are on the way, check back soon!

Alex Gaitan & Balos Alvarez
(631) 903-4835




Lucky Lou's Gourmet Rice Pudding

What is now known as Lucky Lou’s Gourmet Rice Pudding was born over 25 years ago at my luncheonette, Maria and Lou’s.

“The Best Rice Pudding” is more than a motto—it’s our commitment to family, yours and ours!

Maria & Lou Camassa
(631) 672-7162



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Margaret's Gourmet

Want to know more about Margaret's Gourmet?      Stay tuned company details about Margaret's Gourmet are on the way, check back soon!

Peggy Hansen
(516) 650-0554



Milla's Puffs

Naturally gluten free, frozen products based on a traditional recipe from Brazil called “pão de queijo” (cheese puff).

Ludmilla Benevides
(631) 603-6018




Misook's Tea

Mi-sook’s Ginger Tea Products are Artisanal all-natural ginger based beverages that have no chemical preservatives.

Jacqueline Eleazer
(631) 329-2287




Naturally Free Food

We provide a unique shopping experience for those living a gluten-free lifestyle.  We also provide organic foods, any of our foods are all natural with no preservatives.

Maria Laniere
(631) 873-8370  or





Night Owl Baker

After relocating to Montauk, I took my loaf with me with a desire to learn how to ‘grow’ bread and I began my journey as a baker.  I was committed to making  bread the way it was made centuries ago, with three pure ingredients and lots of time and love.  

Tracy Stoloff
(310) 463-1408




North Fork Doughnut Co.

Located steps away from Love Lane on the North Fork of Long Island, we're your one-stop shop for handcrafted doughnuts, made fresh daily. Check out our website for our rotating list of doughnut flavors and to inquire about custom orders. We'll see you soon!

James Lyons
(631) 298-7941



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Panini Pie Factory

Panini Pie Factory is a company focusing on making a unique product - panini pies. These are unique vegetable and meat pies with recipes based on baking experience and family  lore going several generations back enriched with elements of national cuisines from all over the world. Says Yelena Marhcuk, the owner of the company: "While the basic idea for my pies is rooted in  the cuisine of Volga river region of Russia,  which I picked up from my grandma, I enriched grandma's recipes with new ideas inspired by various tastes and smells of New York, the City, which I call mine for the last twenty years" .

Yelena Marchuk
(917) 698-0231 




Peck's of Maine

Peck's of Maine represents a family tradition passed down over four generations of Peck jam preserves makers.  Hand crafted in small batches, our products are all-natural, low in sugar and contain visible chunks of real fruit ( The Way Jam Should Be,  right)?!

Brian Jeran
(631) 560-9719




Peconic Escargot

Hi there!  I'm Taylor Knapp. Owner and Head Snail Wrangler here at Peconic Escargot.  Peconic Escargot produces  Fresh Escargot and Snail Caviar

Taylor Knapp
(855) 2-ESCARGOT




PeKant Tea

The concept of PeKANT Tea was born on Long Island, and  hand crafted one bottle at a time from the kitchen stove.  

We use simple and natural ingredients, including premium teas and organic fruits for a clean label recipe.  PeKANT Tea offers a lightly sweet, unique flavor while maintaining a healthy and natural nutritional profile.

Mike Circosta and Mike Romano





Pipini Breads

Pipini is the brand name for a line of gluten free vegan breads and cookies baked by Sunflower Bakery LLC at a dedicated gluten free facility of the Stony Brook University Food Business Incubator in Calverton, NY.

Our current line includes multigrain, dark NY style and rosemary breads, banana muffins and various cookies including sugar free varieties.

Izabella Piltser
(917) 941-2656  



Plant Provisions

Plant Provisions is reimagining the deli in today’s plant-based world. We think there is a third wave of plant-based food that doesn’t just taste great, but is also full of whole ingredients. Our motto is Elevation not Imitation so rather than replicate deli meat, we’re taking it to new heights with flavors like Wild Truffle and Chili Garlic. Our slices are gluten and soy free, don’t contain any gums and use ingredients you can pronounce.

Mike Galbo
(203) 434-8162


Pride Enjoy

Pride Enjoy is an alternative baking company that serves up all natural, vegan, and gluten-free baked goods.  The specialty we're most often remembered for is our beloved Italian Rainbow Cookies.

Janel Ordermann
(631) 488-0579







Roberts Bakestand

From Farmland to Bakestand!   All-natural ingredients sourced from local farms.  Everything is handmixed and handbaked.

Robert Curreri
(646) 670-7078



Satur Farms

Satur Farms, North Fork of Long Island, grows baby leaf green salads and herbs, and produces premium organic dressings made exclusively with ‘clean’ ingredients by our own chef/farmer, Eberhard Mueller.  

Paulette Satur
(631) 734-4219




Squared GF

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with celiac/gluten allergy.  In my travels I've tried gluten-free cookies and gluten-free desserts that were barely edible.  I thought how hard could it be to make a great gluten free dessert.  

Determination is my best attribute, I never give up! Finally, the perfect gluten free shortbread cookie crust was baked. 

Patricia Conforti
(203) 273-9566




Sugar Sweet

Want to know more about Sugar Sweet?   Stay tuned company details about Sugar Sweet are on the way, check back soon!

Jackie Tolson
(631) 742-2204


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Sweet Vineyards

Sweet Vineyards started from a bakery called the Italian Cookie House. 

Growing up around the vineyards of Long Island, it was natural to infuse these fabulous flavors to create a line for the more diverse and sophisticated palate.  A blend of cocktail and wine flavors are specifically chosen for each product and is carefully infused to give a new meaning to Happy Hour or High Tea Time in each bite of sweet indulgence.

Kim Degen
(631) 764-3914


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Talk Treats To Me

As life long animal lovers we started making our high quality pet treats for our own pets so we could be assured they were safer and healthier. Over time, we began to share these gourmet pet treats with friends and family and found their pets loved them too. Our homemade and ultra healthy treats became so popular that we decided to open Talk Treats To Me. Now it’s time, to share them with lucky dogs, cats, and other pets everywhere! 

Margaret McDonough
 (516) 314-1376 



The Biscotti Company

The Biscotti Company is an artisan bakery that focuses on creating handcrafted biscotti made from almonds, chocolate and nutritious, natural ingredients.

Bruno Logreco






The Cookie Shop

I believe in using high quality ingredients with a focus on a balance in flavors.   After years of hard work, and lots of taste testing, I have finally perfected my cookie recipes. 

Stephanie Knorzer
(626) 488-2018


The Family Grubb Hubb

Eggcellent Quiche

Light and rich, these quiches are healthy and enjoyable for your family.  With their soft texture our quiches perpetuates what taste, elegance, flavor and ultimately pleasure is all about.

Linda Doomes
(631) 260-1292





Tropical Harvest

I am Kishana Mills, The owner of Tropical Harvest where we manufacture natural ingredient juices that are of tropical origin.

Kishana Mills
(646) 481-1742




Tru Flavor Seasonings

To  bring you the flavors of recipes from around the world and to source the best  providers using organic ingredients whenever possible and never ever add additives bringing you the quality you will both trust and love!

Trudy Langer


Wize Girl Treats

Wize Girl Treats creates paleo and gluten-free cookies and cakes that are made with wholesome ingredients that are good for you. We cater to those that have an allergy restriction or just want to enjoy a delicious cookie with the ones you love!

Jessica Gambale
(516) 270-6962








We are glad that you are joining our vision: Eating healthy chocolate. As chocolate lovers we tried to find a healthy product that has little to no carbs. We couldn´t find a product that was right for us so we created our own!

Philip Koehler
(631) 681-3593