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How to Join 

Acceptance and ongoing participation in the Food Business Incubation Community is a competitive process. Please see the general requirements below and included in the Application Package.
To apply, please provide a completed Application Package by mail or e-mail:

Stony Brook University Food Business Incubator
4603 Middle Country Road
Calverton, NY 11933
Call to schedule an appointment:  631-727-4631



Acceptance and ongoing participation in the Stony Brook University Calverton Food Business Incubator is a competitive process whereby the University has the right and requirement to ensure participating companies align with the mission and requirements of the incubator.   Companies may be required to provide documentation on business plans, branding, sales, financing, production economics and other areas of business strategy.


  Business Liability Insurance
All incoming companies must provide proof of business insurance with coverages that comply with the requirements set forth by the University.
Worker’s Compensation Insurance
All companies must provide documentation of appropriate Workers Comp insurance or exemption

Suffolk County Department of Health Services Food Manager’s Certificate

All companies must maintain a valid Food Manager’s Certificate from Suffolk County, NY and have an individual issued said Certificate present at the incubator while utilizing the production facilities.    Certificates from other NYS counties or comparable certifications may be honored, at the management’s sole discretion, but must be replaced with Suffolk County Certificates upon expiry.

Regulatory Compliance

  NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets Article 20-C Food Processing Establishment License
Any and all product manufacturing within the Shared-use Kitchen is restricted to agencies or companies holding 20-C Licenses issued by NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets and producing food products covered under said 20-C License.
Any and all utilization of the Share-use Kitchen and its equipment is restricted to agencies or companies whose activities, if they were products, would be governed by a 20-C License.  Issuance and maintenance of a 20-C license requires inspections by NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets personnel, which companies are required to accommodate in a timely fashion to maintain facility access.

Non-20-C regulated products
Companies producing products outside 20-C regulations may be allowed, at the management’s sole discretion, to operate independent of the Shared-use environment and within isolated, dedicated space, if demonstrably within applicable regulatory compliance.
Companies must obtain and maintain all necessary regulatory licenses and certifications

HACCP plan
All companies must provide, or document exemption, an appropriate HACCP plan


All companies are required to enter into the following agreements:
- Revocable Access Permit Agreement with Stony Brook University that allows and governs company’s access the NY State facility and use its equipment.
- Stony Brook University Food Business Incubator Handbook agreement which identifies the policies, best practices and requirements of operating at the Incubator.
- Code of Conduct agreement which governs responsibility of company principals and team members to maintain appropriate and respectful conduct as a member of the food incubation community.

NOTE: Any companies utilizing dedicated operating rooms are required to sign a separate Permit Agreement that allows and governs the companies access and usage of the dedicated room.