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This week-long, campus-wide event, is free and open to the public. Environmental organizations, participants with an earth-friendly message, and local schools will celebrate on the Academic Mall. Stony Brook University is at the vanguard of the sustainability movement. Our commitment to a green future is evident everywhere on our 1,400 acres: from reducing our carbon footprint, to advocating recycling and using recycled materials whenever possible, to promoting alternatively fueled transportation. Take the Green Pledge. And for more information, visit the Earthstock website.


A new sustainable campus event that kicked off in 2013, taking place on Staller Steps during the Friday of Earthstock. Sustain-A-Thon is an educational and spirited relay race between quads, aimed to promote campus sustainability leadership, increased awareness about recycling and waste minimization and to have fun! For more information, please see our article here.

2013 Winners
1st place: Roth Quad $500
2nd place: Tabler Quad $300
3rd place: Chapin Apartments $200

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