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Please note that there have been some changes to our program due to COVID19. Feel free to contact us for further information: 631-632-6930

Preschool Program

For 3 years to 5 years.

The Preschool classrooms of Stony Brook Child Care Services provide warm, nurturing and stimulating environments where young children thrive and reach their individual potentials at the pace that is right for them, guided by the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Visit the link to the NAEYC to learn more about the mission and programs of our accrediting agency.

The natural curiosity of children and their eagerness to learn are fostered through a variety of discovery activities, hands-on experiences and interaction with peers and adults. The environment serves as the foundation of the curriculum. The rooms and individual activity areas are furnished, equipped and arranged to foster discovery, exploration, self help skills, social interaction, independence and choices while promoting large and small motor development, language and literacy skills, math and science concepts, creativity, artistic expression and problem solving. Materials are available in the activity areas that support these goals during independent play and exploration as well as during teacher facilitated activities. In addition, each classroom has its own kitchen, children's bathroom, nap room and backyard.

Preschoolers are concrete learners, therefore children engage daily in activities like sand and water exploration, reading and storytelling, puzzles, singing, painting, dramatic play, block play, cooking, small manipulative play, gross motor indoor and outdoor activities in which they experience science, math and literacy concepts. An important part of each preschool classroom's day is meeting time which happens each morning and afternoon. This is a community building time that includes all the children and teachers in the group and focuses on group singing, games and sharing information to promote listening skills, speaking, turn taking and being part of a group.

With the support of trained early childhood educators, children are guided to become self-confident, competent and cooperative members of their group. They are encouraged to become active learners, to ask questions, to make predictions, to explore and to articulate their observations about the world around them. These are skills and abilities that serve them well now and in the future.

If you would like more information about our Preschool Program, please contact Jill Stafford by phone (631) 632-6930, or by e-mail Jill.Stafford@stonybrook.edu

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