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Please note that there have been some changes to our program due to COVID19. Feel free to contact us for further information: 631-632-6930

Infant-Toddler Program

For 8 weeks to 3 years.

The Infant-Toddler rooms are places where early childhood professionals set up environments for very young people to grow and develop. The atmosphere is one of warmth and respect. The child's developing sense of safety, self esteem and competence is most important.

The Infant-Toddler classrooms are designed around the physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs of children ranging in age from 8 weeks to 3 years of age. Infants and toddlers experience incredible growth and change in the first three years of life and have different needs at each stage. For example, infant feedings and nap schedules are based upon each individual baby's needs, toddlers can enjoy community lunchtime and a planned nap time. Caregiving is a most essential part of the curriculum; teachable moments arise during diapering and toileting, meals and feedings, dressing and napping. This includes engaging children during routines as well as providing an environment rich in choices and adult-child interactions, guided by the standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). Visit the link, at right to the NAEYC to learn more about the mission and programs of our accrediting agency.

Our curriculum activities emerge from individual child's interests and abilities. It is the teachers' role to observe and to find opportunities to expand on these interests and abilities. Within each Infant-Toddler room areas are set up to encourage exploration and discovery. Each area in our rooms offers a wide range of choice for the children to select from. Materials in art, science, literacy, math, movement and dramatic play are set up in an inviting manner to encourage involvement and exploration. For example, there is a tiled area for art and science and small motor development (paint, paste, water, sand, utensils) carpeted areas with equipment and space for large motor exploration; puzzles, building and stacking toys to encourage problem solving and small motor skills; dramatic play props to help children role play and understand their world; quiet places to look at books and read with teachers and friends or just to relax, child sized dining tables and table height high chairs to encourage socialization and self help skills; child sized toilets and sinks to encourage independence and feelings of competence. In addition, each classroom has its own kitchen, children's bathroom, nap rooms (crib room for infants and cot rooms for toddler) and backyard.

If you would like more information about our Infant Toddler Program, please contact Josefina Gallardo-Salguero by phone (631) 632-6930, or by e-mail Josefina.Gallardo@stonybrook.edu

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