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Two children playing with toysThe Center is open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., with various shifts available, and serves University, Health Sciences and Medical Center faculty staff and students as well as non-affiliated community families. Affiliated families pay tuition according to a sliding scale based on gross family income.

The Center is staffed by full-time professionals, assisted by part-time support staff and University students enrolled in the Psychology 488 Internship. Under the supervision of our staff, these carefully selected students work closely with the teachers in the classroom and attend weekly training. One of the ways we support a low child to adult ratio is to invite students who have completed these courses with high marks to work as part time support staff. The child-teacher ratio in the 3-5 year old program is 7 to 1; and the Infant-Toddler program is 4 to 1.

Our primary aim is to provide a warm, supportive and creative atmosphere. Each room is "family-grouped", enabling children to interact with others of different ages. Since children at this stage of their development "learn by doing," there are plenty of hands-on activities that at times build a child�s self-reliance.

Children bring their own lunch. We provide nutritionally sound snacks in the morning and afternoon, that the children help to prepare.

Our staff foster a positive, non-sexist, non-violent and non-authoritarian, multi-cultural environment. Children are encouraged to express their feelings and needs verbally and to respect those of others.

We also help children build positive self-images. Each child is regarded as an individual, as is each parent. We are a source of emotional support, and an educational resource for the problems of everyday child-rearing. Parents are encouraged to take part in parent activities, to join various committees of the Child Care Board, and to attend meetings to enhance open communication between parents and staff.

For more information and/or an appointment to visit, please contact us.

Executive Director

Mary Cain
Email: Mary.Cain@stonybrook.edu

Board of Directors

Kayla Mendelsohn
HSC representative
Email: Karen.Mendelsohn@stonybrook.edu

Marci Lobel
Vice Chair
Provostial Representative
Email: Marci.Lobel@stonybrook.edu

Susan Fioto
Appointee of VP for Administration
Email: Susan.Fioto@stonybrook.edu

Kathleen de Riesthal
Preschool Parent Representative
Email: kderiesthal@yahoo.com

Kathleen Culver
Hospital Representative
Email: Kathleen.Culver@stonybrook.edu

Jacob Heller
Community Representative
Email: Jacobcheller@gmail.com

Beth Brooke
Infant Toddler Parent Representative
Email: Elizabeth.Brooke@stonybrook.edu

Kenneth A. Feldman
Provostial Representative
Email: Kenneth.Feldman.1@stonybrook.edu

Linda Devin-Sheehan
Community Representative
Email: ldevinsheehan@optonline.net

Daniel Hetzel
Long Island State Veterans Home Representative
Email: Daniel.Hetzel@lisvh.org

Ahmed Belazi
UUP Representative
Email: Ahmed.W.Belazi@stonybrook.edu

Sheri Clark
Community Representative
Email: Sheri.Clark@stonybrook.edu

Diane Fischer
Presidential Representative
Email: Diane.Fischer@stonybrook.edu

Sarah Sternglanz
Community Representative
Email: Sarah.Sternglanz@stonybrook.edu

Elizabeth Bojsza
Preschool Parent Representative
Email: Elizabeth.Bojsza@stonybrook.edu

Keqin Wei
Preschool Parent Representative
Email: weikeqin1985@gmail.com

Erin Henkes
Infant Toddler Parent Representative
Email: compton.erin@gmail.com

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