Center for Global History

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TimeTicks & Orders of Magnitude  
 Time Periods
Years (100
Decades (101
Centuries (102
Millennia (103
 1014–8000 BC
Tens of Millennia (104
Hundreds of Millennia (105
 98000–1 million
Mega Annums (106
 1–10 Ma
Tens of Ma (107
 10–100 Ma
Hundreds of Ma (108
 100 Ma–1 billion
Giga Annums (109
 1–10 Ga
Over Ten Ga (1010
 10–<20 Ga
A Timeline For All Times

The CGLH Timeline is designed to be a work in progress. It is an expandable learning and information tool that allows you to travel with a few clicks from the 21st century to the Big Bang, i.e. from the new to the old global history and up to the dawn of the universe.

Reaching through human, geological, and cosmological time, the TimeTool can exhibit the depths of history and the granular details of historical knowledge.

The CGLH timeline is open for creative input. Please get in touch with us if you would like to author a segment or work on some part of it.

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