Stony Brook

Global Regions

Local Places

no. of countries
North America
Sports Complex  2 (+ Greenland)
African America
Earth & Space Sciences  
Latin America
Student Activities Center  
Western & Central Europe
Stony Brook Union  
Russia-Southeast Europe & the Caucasus
Stony Brook Union  
Central Asia
The Wang Center
East Asia
The Wang Center  
Southeast Asia
The Wang Center  
South Asia
The Wang Center  
Southwest Asia & North Africa
Staller Center for the Arts  
Sub-Saharan Africa
Melville Memorial Library  
Melanesia, Micronesia & Polynesia
Humanities Building  
  Life Sciences  
Australia & New Zealand
Javits Lecture Center  
Marine Sciences  

Map Source: Lewis & Wigen, The Myth of Continents. Berkeley 1997, p. 187.