The Global Futures of World Regions Conference Briefs
The New America
After the end of the Cold War, the geopolitical map of the world was drawn anew; it now shows the United States as the only superpower. Her global military capacity and yet unmatched economic strength have put America on the agenda of much general and professional reasoning.

Hopes for a more stable and just world, worries and fears about a global US-hegemony as well as heterogeneous local and regional responses abound up to the point of global terrorism. The future development of the US has become an issue of global concern.

Will the new America – especially after the Iraq-experience – continue to follow her recent doctrine of preventive war or will she embrace multilateralism and international cooperation? Is America going to position herself in the global community as an
imperial power or a first among equals? Will the US work to achieve consensus or deepen her current policy of unilateralism? Will America accept power-regulating agreements or sideline global institutions like the UN?

Are the EU and/or China preparing to challenge the US and what are the American policy options if that would be the case? How can the US prepare for the potential erosion of her role as the world's foremost global power? And what are the major internal challenges of the American society in the next five decades?

Bringing leading scholars and diplomats with various disciplinary, national, and international backgrounds together, the New America Conference will shed light on the dynamics, contradictions, and possibilities of the United States as a critical global power.