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Approved by the Program Steering Committee & Endorsed by the International Advisory Committee

In the following The Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science (CFNS) will be referred to The Center or as CFNS. 


The Center was jointly set up by Stony Brook University (SBU) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) to promote and help realize the US Electron Ion Collider (EIC). Activities of the Center will be aimed at continually enhancing the science case and the international collaboration for the EIC . The Center will do so by supporting scientists interested in working on Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (QCD) and the EIC through their early career. It will be a place for mentoring them and bringing them in contact with experts in the field. The workshops and other scientific activities of the Center would also help them get the required visibility in the field. 

While the initial focus of the Center is the US EIC, it is expected that once the EIC project is on a realization path, the Center’s scientific focus will broaden to connect to other subfields in US nuclear science.


All faculty and scientists in the nuclear science groups at SBU & BNL interested in working on the EIC can be “members” of the  Center. Being members of the Center allows access to the Center’s resources for activities related to the EIC. Associate Members of the Center are those scientists not employed by SBU or BNL but who want to collaborate closely with the members on EIC related matters with frequent visits or and sustained collaborative activities at the Center.

The Edward Bouchet Initiative is a collaborative effort by twelve research institutions to bring under-represented minority (URM) students to Stony Brook to pursue MA, MSI, and Ph.D degrees in  Nuclear Science.   CFNS will support coursework and early mentorship with faculty of any of the collaborating institutions at Brookhaven National Lab or Jefferson Lab. 

Center Officers

CFNS Director

CFNS Director, henceforth addressed as “the Director” will be appointed  jointly by the Provost of Stony Brook University and the Director of Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Director will run the activities of the Center. 

CFNS Scientific Coordinators

Two scientific coordinators (for operations) will be appointed by the Director, one each at BNL and SBU, to help the Director run the day-to-day scientific activities and look over the administrative issues of the Center when needed.

Administrative Assistants

At least one administrative assistant at SBU and at BNL are assigned to help and operate the Center’s administrative activities and operations. They will help the Director and the Scientific Coordinators in the hiring of personnel, run the workshops, seminars and any other activity that the Center takes up.


Three committees are set up to help run the Center.

International Advisory Committee

The IAC is a committee of distinguished members of the nuclear science community  with diverse scientific and technical backgrounds associated with EIC science, detector design/technologies. The IAC will meet once a year to review the Center’s operations, the activities of the post doctoral members of the CFNS, and advise the director on planning the strategic course for the Center. A chair of the IAC will be appointed by the CFNS director in consultation with the current members of the IAC and the PSC (see below). The Director will keep the Provost and the BNL Director informed about activities and deliberations of the IAC. One third of the IAC will be optionally rotated off every three years.   BNL and Jefferson Lab (JLab) director will appoint one ex-officio member each on the IAC from their respective institutions from the Labs.

Program Steering Committee 

A group of approximately three CFNS members (each) from BNL and SBU, active and interested in working on the EIC, will be appointed by the Director on the Center’s Program Steering Committee (PSC). They will monitor and help the Director implement the advice of the IAC and help run the activities of the Center. The Director is the Chair of the Steering Committee, and will appoint a Co-Chair. The PSC will be responsible for advising the Director on the running of the Center’s activities on a monthly basis. The PSC will meet every month.

Program Advisory Committee

The Center will help the scientists interested in the EIC organize workshops. An annual solicitation for such workshops will be made in January of each year. The Program Advisory Committee (PAC) will be tasked to advise the Director on the selection of proposals. The Director of the Center will, in consultation with the PSC and the IAC, set up this committee of approximately five scientists. The committee members and the Director will decide a Chair of the PAC in discussion with the PSC. The members of the PAC will serve for approximately 3 years and will have an option to continue if they are willing to be active beyond that time..

CFNS Seminar Committee

Up to four post doctoral fellows associated with the Center will run a monthly seminar series, with a seminar each alternating between BNL and SBU. Typically two organizers will rotate off every year. 

Procedure to amend the Charter

Any member of the CFNS can suggest to the Director changes to this Charter, which will be discussed in the PSC. Consensus decisions on such aspects will be sought and the Director will keep the IAC informed and seek their advice when necessary.

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