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Optional Inspection Program

What is the "Optional Inspection" Program?
This program is a way for the University departments to assume responsibility for inspecting their own deliveries resulting in items being processed more expeditiously. Departmentally inspected items will be delivered to the ordering department within 24 hours of their receipt by Central Services.
Reason for this option?
The volume of incoming shipments at Central Receiving has increased tremendously over the past years. Research accounts for over 70% of all orders received. This option is offered for rapid processing and receipt of goods so as not to inhibit or endanger important projects.
In addition, while inspections by Central Receiving uncovers many problems, there are instances where until the item is uncrated and tested in depth by the department a defect would not be able to be detected within a timely manner.
Who may participate?
All campus departments ordering merchandise using State, Research, and SBF funds.
How do I choose this option?
The Requisitioner must indicate "DO NOT INSPECT" when submitting their requested order. When this is indicated, all procedures pertaining to a "DO NOT INSPECT" order will be followed by Purchasing and Central Receiving departments.
Can I request department inspection on any time sensitive delivery regardless of size or commodity type?
Yes. The procedure is designed to expedite your order regardless of size, cost or commodity.
Can I request department inspection on selected items on my order and allow Central Receiving to inspect the balance ?
No. Since the option involves an entire purchase order, it must encompass each item identified with the order.
What if I receive a box that has been opened on an order I had marked "DO NOT INSPECT"?
Do not assume that an opened box means your purchase has been inspected, it has not. Roughly 50% of all boxes received have the packing slip inside. When this is the case, Receiving must open the box to retrieve the packing slip in order to obtain a copy for documentation purposes. This process is quick and does not delay the delivery of your item. If you requested the department inspection option, it is your responsibility to inspect the item and report any problems to Receiving.
What do I do if I detect a problem upon inspection in my department ?
Contact the Central Receiving office immediately at (631) 632-6290 or (631) 632-6307 to make arrangements for Receiving to pick up and return your order to the vendor. Form SUSB 114 is required.
Once I notify Central Receiving of a damaged item , am I responsible for payment for this item?
No. If notified within 5 days of receipt into your department, Central Receiving will notify the Accounts Payable Office to hold payment until a replacement is received or the account is settled. If detected more than 5 days into the department then it is the department's responsibility to notify the Accounts Payable Office to hold payment until the account is settled.
If my order indicates department inspection and the goods are not put into use for months after receipt , who will pay for damaged goods detected at that time ?
This is a case where the option should not have been exercised. If inspections are delayed beyond a reasonable notification period, the department will bear responsibility for resolving payment problems with the Accounts Payable Office.
How will this procedure affect the decal and recording of equipment on the Property Control Real Asset Management ?
Once shipments are received, departments must contact the Property Control Office and a staff member will schedule a site visit to apply decal(s) on asset(s).
If I have more questions, who do I contact?
Central Receiving at (631) 632-6290.