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TA & Postdoc Teaching Professional Development 

Graduate Teaching Assistants and Postdocs are invited to attend CELT workshops and events, including events held in the Faculty Commons and College Teaching Seminars which are conducted in partnership with the Center for Inclusive Education (CIE). Take advantage of the expertise of the CELT staff to further your teaching professional development and prepare for the professional teaching job search. 

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  • College Teaching Seminar Series
     College Teaching Seminar Series

    The College Teaching Seminars were developed specifically for Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Postdoctoral Fellows, but are open to any instructor. The seminars provide a series of workshops designed to prepare new instructors to be successful in their first week, first semester and first year of teaching. See seminar content below.

    Join us for a College Teaching Seminar this spring


  • TA Training

    CELT offers a TA Training which consists of a 3-hour general session covering evidence based teaching practices, practical teaching skills, pedagogy & learning theory, diversity & inclusion in the classroom, student engagement strategies, grading & assessment. This is followed by lunch provided by CELT and afternoon breakout sessions of 1-2 hours customizable to what the TAs assignments are. Options include online, lab, recitation & discussion, lecture responsibilities, facilitating group work, etc. The breakout sessions activities include working with course materials (practice lab report grading with a rubric, or other grading, discussion board set-up and mock discussion) and skill building in activities such as case studies for classroom management and more.

    Sample Boot Camp Agenda 

  • Workshops
    See our calendar to stay up to date with upcoming workshops.
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     Kimberly Bell, PhD

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    Office Phone: 2-1588
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