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Inclusive Teaching:

What is Inclusive Teaching?

Inclusive Teaching emcompasses the " educational importance of imbuing all students with a sense of belonging in the classroom and curriculum"  (Sanger, 2020, abstract).

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Sanger, C. S. (2020). Inclusive Pedagogy and Universal Design Approaches for Diverse Learning Environments. In C. S. Sanger & N. W. Gleason (Eds.), Diversity and Inclusion in Global Higher Education: Lessons from Across Asia (pp. 31–71). Springer.


  • Focus on excellent teaching through collaboration with faculty
  • Create a space for cross-disciplinary conversations about excellent teaching
  • Inclusive teaching is excellent teaching
Inclusive teaching: 
Creating an inclusive syllabus and syllabus statements:
If you need additional support:


Last updated: 5/6/21

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