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Call for Proposals

The TALENT Project (Teaching and Learning Enhancements with New Technology) encourages Stony Brook University instructors to invest their time, talent and energy to solve current and future challenges of pedagogy. The TALENT Project is designed to support faculty in their creative instructional efforts over a finite period of time (usually 1-2 semesters) and provide expert advice and assistance on pedagogy and technology from TLT and Faculty Center Staff.

The TALENT project is a selective program for faculty seeking to improve teaching and learning by incorporating technology in their classes.  The program supports innovative ways of thinking about teaching and learning with technology: creative pedagogical approaches to using familiar technologies (such as Blackboard) and the inclusion of less familiar technologies that enable students to learn in new ways.

The key to successful TALENT Projects will be the on-going collaboration between individual instructors and professional staff to solve current and future challenges of pedagogy.  Examples of previous funded projects include:

    1. Development of a multi-touch software application in mechanical engineering that puts engineering design capability into the hands of freshman as well as seniors.
    2. Creation of online resources and tutorials for faculty interested in using multi-modal technologies and teaching strategies.
    3. Building an online, interactive historical timeline that is rich with multimedia and artifacts that allows students to engage and interactively explore course content.

Call for Proposals are announced two times each academic year (Summer and Fall) through SBU campus announcements. 

Look for the next TALENT grant CFP announcement in Summer/Fall 2019.

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