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Great Teaching is All Around You  

As a teacher, you know that your classroom approach is continually changing - after all, teaching is a natural byproduct of your learning. The 360° Excellent Faculty, Excellent Teaching (EFEcT) Initiative offers faculty teaching observations from every direction, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the kind of learning that makes for great teaching. 


Quantitative Observations: The COPUS and COPUS-Hum Tool

The Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergratuate STEM and Humanities is a  quantitative evaluation that will provide you with statistical data on how you spend time in class, allowing you to make adjustments in areas of active learning, student comprehension checks, engaged learning, and time management strategies.  



Cross-Discipline Emeriti and Senior Faculty Observations

Sometimes, an experienced professor is exactly what you need - outside of your department. The Cross-Discipline Emeriti and Senior Faculty Mentors are available to observe your class, meet for coffee, or exchange a few emails about your teaching goals. Interdisciplinary perspectives always help, and these confidential observations prioritize mentorship and support. 



Students as Learners and Teachers (SaLT)

Modeled after Bryn Mawr's program aligning student consultants with faculty, Stony Brook's Office of Diversity will be piloting an inclusion-focused version of student observers. 



Discipline- and Technique-Specific Observer Bank

Coming this summer, CELT will begin staffing this site with faculty teaching epxerts who are ready and willing to take a look at your own classroom strengths. In this databank, you'll be able to sort faculty observers by discipline, pedagogical interest, or classroom technique. 


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