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Start of the Semester Checklist: Top Ten Blackboard Tips!

Every course at Stony Brook has a Blackboard course and your students are automatically added (and removed if they drop) for you.

By default, your course is available. You should make your course unavailable while you are working on it. Also, if you do not wish to use Blackboard this semester,   please make your course unavailable and let your students know so they do not think something is wrong with their Blackboard account. 

If you would like to use Blackboard please:

  1. Add content  (including your Syllabus).
  2. Add your TA to your class.
  3. Create an   Announcement   to greet your students.   *** Students can receive your announcement by email but cannot reply directly to it.
  4. Make sure your students know about the   Blackboard Mobile App
  5. Merge your sections together  if you are teaching a cross listed course.
  6. Set up your   Grade Center  early so that your students keep on track and save yourself time at the end of the semester
  7. You can   copy your Blackboard  course information from a previous semester.
  8. Make sure you   remove any old content  from your new Blackboard site.
  9. Manage your deadlines and dates with   Date Management.
  10. You can  use   Student Preview  to view your course from a Student perspective.

And …


Last updated: 3/11/2021

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