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Meet Our Staff

At CELT, we have staff that can assist you with designing your online course, administering OpScan or accommodation exams, getting started with active learning technologies and strategies, and much, much more.  

Patricia Aceves Patricia Aceves, Ed.D. 

Assistant Vice President and Assistant Provost
(631) 632-2786 

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Kimberly Bell Kimberly Bell, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate, Teaching and Learning in STEM 
(631) 632-1588

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Lorraine Carroll Lorraine Carroll

Opscan Supervisor
(631) 632-8032



Marla Gorman Marla Gorman

Testing Center Coordinator
(631) 632-1861



Kristin Hall Kristin Hall

Instructional Designer
(631) 632-2071 

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Carol Hernandez Carol Hernandez

Senior Instructional Designer
(631) 632-2072

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Jennifer Jaiswal Jennifer Jaiswal

Instructional Designer and Senior Instructional Technologist 
(631) 632-2782 

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Catherine Scott Catherine Scott 

Asst Director for Faculty Development - Testing, Assessment & Evaluation 
(631) 632-2783

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Rose Tirotta-Esposito Rose Tirotta-Esposito, Ed.D.

Associate Director for Teaching Excellence
(631) 632-2074 

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Dini Diskin-Zimmerman Dini Diskin-Zimmerman

TV Producer/Director
(631) 632-1026

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Last Updated: 8/19/2021

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