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CELT Liaisons 

School Acronym Liaison(s)
College of Arts and Sciences CAS See extended list
College of Business CoB Kristin Hall
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences CEAS Jennifer Jaiswal/Troy Priest
Graduate School   Rose Tirotta/Linda Unger/Kim Bell
School of Medicine SoM Jennifer Jaiswal (Jeff Swain)
School of Dental Medicine SoDM Jennifer Jaiswal/Carol Hernandez
School of Health Technology and Management SHTM Jennifer Jaiswal/Carol Hernandez
Journalism SoJ Carol Hernandez
School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences SoMAS Linda Unger
School of Nursing SoN Jennifer Jaiswal
School of Professional Development SPD Troy Priest/Rose Tirotta
School of Social Welfare SSW Kristin Hall (Melissa Earle)
School of Public Health   Jennifer Jaiswal
CAS Departments:    
Asian & Asian American Studies AAAS Jennifer Jaiswal
Africana Studies & Africana Humanities AFS/AFH Carol Hernandez
Anthropology ANT Rose Tirotta
Art ART Kristin Hall
Biology/Ecology & Evolution/Biomedical Engineering BIO/BEE/BME Kimberly Bell/Jennifer Jaiswal
Chemistry CHE Carol Hernandez
Comparative Literature CLT Kristin Hall
Economics ECO Jennifer Jaiswal
English EGL Carol Hernandez
European Language, Literatures, & Cultures EUR Troy Priest/Carol Hernandez
Geology GEO Carol Hernandez
History HIS Troy Priest
Hispanic Languages & Literature HUS Carol Hernandez
Linguistics LIN Troy Priest/Richard Stein
Math MAT Carol Hernandez
Music MUS Kristin Hall
Philosophy PHI Troy Priest
Physics/Astronomy PHY/AST Troy Priest/Linda Unger
Political Science POL Carol Hernandez
Psychology PSY Kristin Hall
Sociology SOC Kristin Hall
Sustainability Studies SUS Jennifer Jaiswal
Theater THR Kristin Hall
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies WGSS Kristin Hall
Writing and Rhetoric  WRT Rose Tirotta
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