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Course Starts:
May 1

Course Length:
7.5 Weeks

Course Fee:
$950 per person
(Discounts available)

Introduction to the Science and Lived Experience of Autism (ISLEA)

Members of the autistic community strive to achieve a full and productive life and deserve to be understood for their unique abilities. They add value to the diversity of our society and their lived experience is an example of what makes each of us special in our own way.

Dr. Matthew Lerner, Research Director of the world-renowned Stony Brook Autism Initiative, developed an Introduction to the Science and Lived Experience of Autism (ISLEA) to help those who work and live with people on the autism spectrum gain a deeper understanding of what it means to compassionately interact with and support autistic individuals.

The program is designed to debunk the myths, explore the science, and gain insight into the actual lived experience of those with autism. Its goal is to provide professionals in education and health and human services with the knowledge they need to engage more effectively and humanely with members of the autistic community.

Following the principle of “Nothing about us, without us,” the program includes the active involvement of autistic individuals of all ages and situations. Family members and caregivers of people with autism are also encouraged to enroll.

Micrpcredential Badge for ISLEA

Earn a Microcredential

Introduction to the Science and Lived Experience of Autism (ISLEA) is a microcredential-granting program. The digital badge awarded upon completion of the program can be shared on LinkedIn and in online portfolios to demonstrate the participant’s qualifications in this critical area of social support.

The microcredential also helps reassure families that the staff caring for their loved ones is qualified to provide the safety and quality of care that people with ASD require and deserve.

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will:
  • Increase your core knowledge and understanding of autism
  • Learn to develop a deeper, more reflective, and more humane way of caring for autistic individuals
  • Learn how to work more effectively with people with autism
  • Gain a better understanding of the science and lived experience of autism to help prevent easily-managed situations (emotions, behaviors, frustrations) from escalating to dangerous levels
  • Learn how to reduce your own stress and lessen the chance of burnout

Who Should Register

This program was designed for:
  • Training Division Directors
  • Educators – Superintendents / Principals / AVPs / Teachers / 1:1 Aides
  • Healthcare Managers
  • Direct Support Professionals
  • Self-Direction Staff
  • Families and Caregivers


Affordable Excellence

Stony Brook's course rates are among the most affordable of all top-tier universities in the nation. 

  • Course Fee: $950 per person. There will be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 students per class.
  • Discounts:  SBU alumni, veterans and groups of 3 or more are eligible for a discounted rate.

Why Choose Stony Brook?

Stony Brook University appears in the top 80 public universities, and its Clinical Psychology Program is ranked in the top 3 by U.S. News and World Report. The Center for Corporate Education has worked for over twenty years to deliver programs that deliver essential skill sets for Long Island individuals and employers.

Stony Brook University/SUNY is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, and educator.

Bring ISLEA to Your Organization

Contact Carolyn Jankowski to find out how you can offer this program to your employees.