RSOM - Dr. Aldustus E. Jordan Black and Latinx Students and Alumni Network

Mission Statement

To align Black and Latinx students, residents/fellows and post-graduates with faculty in their respective field of interest for mentorship and professional networking with the goal to be well prepared to advance the frontiers of research, education, clinical practice and advocacy. To also establish and nurture a social, political, educational and professional link between Alumni and Students of African (Continental and Diasporic) and/or Latinx descent. To maintain a network among Black and Latinx in medicine including faculty, staff, trainees, students and alumni at Stony Brook Renaissance school of medicine. To support and foster the advancement of its member’s careers while also enhancing the pipeline for future leaders in healthcare, medicine and science.

Dr. Eloise Chapman-Davis
Lilian Cruz, MD Candidate '22
Dr. Jonel Daphnis
Dr. Jheison Giraldo
Dr. Terence Lamar Howard
Dr. Aldustus Jordan
Dr. Scherly Leon
Dr. Jedan Phillips
Dr. Alicia Stovell-Washington
Dr. Sheryl White-Scott
Emelio Woodstock, MD Candidate '22


Make a gift to support the Renaissance School of Medicine Black and Latinx students:

Dr. Aldustus E. Jordan Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine Endowed Alumni Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to support Stony Brook’s School of Medicine goal of promoting a diverse student body, which is a cornerstone of Stony Brook’s educational mission. Each applicant’s qualifications will be considered on an individual basis. As part of this process, the donors desire that consideration be given to an applicant’s status as a member of an underrepresented group, so long as this is in keeping with the University’s goal of obtaining the educational benefits of diversity.

The Violet and Les Payne Endowed Intent Scholarship in Medicine 

The purpose of the Violet and Les Payne Endowed Scholarship in Medicine is to provide support to students in Stony Brook's Renaissance School of Medicine who exhibit financial need and to support the university's goal of promoting a diverse student body, which is key to its educational mission.

The Donors desire that consideration be given to each applicant's socioeconomic group, educational background and/or status as a member of an underrepresented group, so long as this consideration aligns with the university's goal of achieving the educational benefits of diversity, as well as the RSOM's goal of recruiting and training a diverse population of medical students that reflects the current and future patient base at Stony Brook University Hospital.

RSOM Scholarship Underrepresented Students

The purpose of the RSOM Scholarship for Underrepresented Students is to attract and retain underrepresented students in Stony Brook's Renaissance School of Medicine by providing scholarship support that aligns with the university's educational mission and goals of promoting a diverse student body.

2021 Residency Matches

Please welcome the newest residents to your hospital:



Jully Araujo



Jully Araujo, MD '21
General Surgery,
Lehigh Valley Hospital-PA 

Asha Liverpool        

Asha Liverpool, MD '21
U Rochester/Strong Memorial-NY


Nicole D'Ambrosio



Nicole D'Ambrosio, MD '21
Vascular Surgery,

Washington DC

Chineze Nwebube        

Chineze Nwebube, MD '21

Emory Univ SOM-GA


Jheison Giraldo



Jheison Giraldo, MD '21
U Miami/Jackson Health System-FL 

Ulisses Perdomo-Argueta        

Ulisses Perdomo-Argueta, MD '21
Child Neurology,
UC San Francisco-CA


Monica Giraldo



Monica Giraldo, MD '21
Internal Medicine,
U Miami/Jackson Health System-FL 

Cadence Trapini        

Cadence Trapini, MD '21
Rush University Med Center-IL


Terence Howard



Terence Howard, MD '21
UC San Francisco-CA

Cristina Young        

Cristina Young, MD '21
Med Coll Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals-WI


Mentors and Mentees:

In adherence to the mission of RSOM Black and Latinx Alumni/Students we connect alumni with students to advise and discuss career paths, professional and personal concerns and issues and celebrate the contributions of the Black and Latinx in the medical community.  To become a mentor, please click here.