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Stony Brook grad joins Alda Center team

Ellice WallaceEllice I. A. Wallace, a Stony Brook alumna, will join the Alda Center for Communicating Science team August 1, as a science communication specialist.

In her new role, Wallace will run and manage the Alda Center’s science communication research-to-practice platform, The Link.

A science communication graduate student and entrepreneur, Wallace brings years of experience in communicating, and helping others to communicate complex technical details in ways that are accurate and engaging. Wallace has a particular interest in sharing the beauty of science through compelling visuals.

“Ellice brings a depth of knowledge about the field of science communication and a lifelong passion to building engagement in science through aesthetics,” said Laura Lindenfeld, executive director of the Alda Center and dean of the School of Communication and Journalism. “I’m particularly excited to welcome her to the Alda Center and to the Link because she will be one of the first graduates of our new MS in Science Communication program.”

The Link was launched in 2021 as an online platform to share the latest in a growing field of research, to share information about science communication training around the world, and to connect science communication researchers, practitioners, and other scientists in a meaningful conversation. Researchers, trainers and others from around the country contribute content to the platform. As a graduate student, Wallace was an instrumental part of the conception, design, and launch of The Link.

Wallace began and continues to manage her own science communication platform, The Neuro Aesthetic. On the blog, Wallace combines her interest and background in neuroscience with her interest in aesthetics, to engage others in the field and its beauty. The blog, and a science tutoring business, helped her develop her understanding of and interest in a career in science communication, even before the Stony Brook science communication program launched.

In addition to her master’s in science communication, Wallace has a bachelor’s degree in biology with a concentration in neuroscience from Stony Brook University. 

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