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Alda Center Partners with ScienceCounts

The Alda Method® of communication training is distinct in that our approach fosters genuine connections and emphasizes listening skills. We use improvisational theater techniques to help scientists communicate in ways that land with audiences. Understanding audiences— what they care about and what is at stake for them— is at the heart of our method. For that reason, we’re launching a new partnership with ScienceCounts, an organization that aims to enhance the public’s awareness of and support for science.

ScienceCounts has produced substantive data about U.S. perspectives on science. With generous support from the Kavli Foundation, the Alda Center and ScienceCounts are putting that data to use to help you learn more about how people think about science. How much do people value science? How much do they trust science?

We invite you to participate in an online series on the Alda Kavli Learning Center. On the AKLC you can engage in online webinars and workshops, download information sheets designed specifically to help support your communication, and take part in virtual community dialogs about how we can draw most effectively on ScienceCounts and other research to inform how we communicate with diverse audiences. We look forward to meeting you on the Alda Kavli Learning Center for this exciting launch!

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