Revenue Accounting

The Revenue Accounting section of the Accounting Services is responsible for:

  • Quarterly and year-end preparation and submission of the University's Uniform Revenue Accounting System (URAS) trial balance to SUNY System Administration.
  • View the PowerPoint Presentation on URAS. (in Microsoft PowerPoint format) (177KB)
  • Coordination and distribution of semi-monthly collection remittances from the campus Fees Depository accounts in accordance with SUNY guidelines.
  • Preparation of the University's unaudited consolidated financial statements.
  • Maintenance of the campus' PeopleSoft Revenue chart of accounts and automatic journal entry system.
  • Reconciliation of SUNY collections to the PeopleSoft general ledger.
  • Assisting the Budget Office with the preparation of the annual campus dormitory and tuition revenue projections.
  • Coordination of all SUTRA program revenue transfers relating to Overseas Academic Program (OAP), Summer Session and contract courses.
  • Revenue Transfer Request Form (in Microsoft Excel format)