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Undergraduate: South Asian Studies

  • Program Overview

    South Asian Studies (SOA)

    The minor in South Asian Studies provides a broad introduction to a major world civilization through a set of coordinated courses in selected areas of South Asian society and culture. Courses are offered in South Asian languages, religions, philosophy, history, politics, culture, literatures, linguistics, and performing arts. Both traditional and contemporary aspects are covered. The minor serves as a foundation for specialization in area studies (South Asia), complements knowledge of other areas in Asian Studies, and offers cross-cultural experience valued in many fields, including international business. With the approval of the director of the minor, the student constructs a coherent and individualized program of study. Students may also earn academic credits through Study Abroad in India opportunities.

    The Center for India Studies (telephone: 631-632-9742), located in E-5350 Melville Library, offers a reference library, lectu­res and performing arts programs, publications, and internship opportunities for students minoring in South Asian Studies. Visit for details.

  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the Minor in South Asian Studies (SOA)

    All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.  At least nine credits toward the minor must be upper-division.

    Completion of the minor requires seven courses or 21 credits.
        1. AAS 201 Introduction to the Civilization of the Indian Subcontinent
        2. AAS 338 Contemporary India: History, Politics, and Diplomacy
        3. One of the following: 

    • AAS/RLS 256 Hinduism
    • AAS/RLS 260 Buddhism
    • AAS/RLS 280 Islam

        4. Three of the following: 

    • AAS 110 Appreciating Indian Music
    • AAS 209 Indian Classical Dance
    • AAS 212 Asian and Asian American Studies Topics in the Humanities (appropriate topic only)
    • AAS/LIN 250 Languages and Cultures of Asian Americans
    • AAS 320 Literature of India
    • AAS 330 Language and Society in South Asia
    • AAS 326 Indian Mythology
    • AAS 327 Great Epics of India: Ramayana and Mahabharata

        5. One additional course (a minimum of 3 credits) chosen from the following:

    •  AAS 211 Asian and Asian American Studies Topics in the Social Sciences (appropriate topic only)
    • AAS 212 Asian and Asian American Studies Topics in the Humanities (appropriate topic only)
    • ANT 311 Immersion in Another Culture (appropriate topic only)
    • ARH 203 History of Asian Art
    • CLT 220 Non-Western Literature (appropriate topic only)
    • EGL 373 Literature in English from Non-Western Cultures (appropriate topic only)
    • EGL 374 Literature in Relation to Other Disciplines (appropriate topic only)
    • HIN 111 Elementary Hindi I
    • HIN 112 Elementary Hindi II
    • HIN 211 Intermediate Hindi I
    • HIN 212 Intermediate Hindi II
    • LIN 431 Analysis of an Uncommonly Taught Language (appropriate topic only)
    • AAS/RLS 367 Meditation and Enlightenment
    • AAS/RLS 380 Islamic Classics
    • AAS 391, 392  Special Topics in Asian and Asian American Studies
    •  AAS 447 Directed Readings
    •  AAS 487 Supervised Research
    •  SKT 111 Elementary Sanskrit I
    •  SKT 112 Elementary Sanskrit II
    •  THR 313 Asian Theatre and Drama



  • Sequence
  • Contact

    South Asian Studies (SOA)

    Interdisciplinary Minor in South Asian Studies

    Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Director of the minor: Kamal K. Sridhar
    Office: 1046 Humanities  

    Phone: (631) 632-7690


    Web address:

    Other minors of particular interest to students minoring in South Asian Studies: Anthropology (ANT), China Studies (CNS), International Studies (INT), Japanese Studies (JNS), Korean Studies (KOR), Religious Studies (RLS)

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