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Undergraduate: Religious Studies

  • Program Overview

    Religious Studies (RLS)

    The minor in Religious Studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of religion in its many forms and aspects. To the variety of religious traditions, both living and historical, the program brings the techniques and questions of philosophy, history, literature, and the social sciences. Designed for flexibility in meeting students' interests and needs, the Religious Studies program offers a minor and a variety of electives useful for broadening one's knowledge of religious phenomena, for supplementing the major program in many related fields of humanities and social science, and for meeting general education requirements.

    More information and advising in regard to the minor in Religious Studies are avai­lable through the program director.




  • Degrees and Requirements

    Requirements for the Minor in Religious Studies (RLS) 

    The minor in Religious Studies consists of six courses (18 credits), at least three of which (nine credits) must be at the upper-division level. At least 12 credits must be taken for a letter grade. The program is designed to ensure an encounter with the variety of world religions and a grasp of problems of method and the critical use of sources in the study of religion. At the discretion of the director of the minor, courses that cover religious topics in other fields (such as AAS, HIS, and PHI) can also be
    counted. Courses that count toward the minor include the following:

    • RLS 101 Western Religions
    • RLS 102 Eastern Religions
    • RLS 240 Confucianism and Daoism
    • RLS 256 Hinduism
    • RLS 260 Buddhism
    • RLS 270 Christianity
    • RLS 280 Islam
    • RLS 287 Islam in China
    • RLS 366 Feminine Spirituality
    • RLS 367 Meditation and Enlightenment
    • RLS 368 Yoga: Theory and Practice
    • RLS 380 Islamic Classics
    • RLS 382 Japanese Buddhism
    • RLS 387 Islam and Confucianism
    • RLS 444 Experiential Learning
    • RLS 447 Readings in Religious Studies
    • RLS 459 Write Effectively in Religious Studies
    • RLS 475 Undergraduate Teaching Practicum





















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    Religious Studies (RLS)

    Minor in Religious Studies

    Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Interim Program Director: Rosabel Ansari


    Business Administrator:  Theresa Spadola

    Office: 1046 Humanities

    Phone: (631) 632-4030





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